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BREATHE CLEAR (60 Tablets)


  • Decreases allergic reactions
  • Reduces sinus congestion
  • Supports strong blood vessels



Breathe Clear is an all natural formula designed to enable easier breathing within one hour. Breathe Clear contains both Quercetin and Bioflavoids, key ingredients in the reduction of allergy inflammation and reaction. It was specifically designed to work on the inflammation and symptoms of environmental allergies and asthma. Environmental allergy sufferers most often see fatigue, congestion and difficulty breathing, as primary symptoms.  Breathe Clear works for both environmental allergy and asthma sufferers to reduce inflammation in the lungs and sinuses and strengthen blood vessels. 

Breathe Clear also contains an amino acid blend that creates a friendly environment for the NTFactor® lipids to be absorbed into the body. L-Arginine increases the body's utilization of oxygen by keeping the body's blood vessel dialated. L-Taurine and L-Glycine aid in the absorbtion of non-essential amino acids and nutrients. Through Lipid Replacement Therapy, the NTFactor® blend repairs cell membrane damage at the sites of inflammation restoring cell function and decreasing the suffers fatigue levels.