Skullcap (Alcohol-free)

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Skullcap (Alcohol-free) (1 fl oz)

Traditional relaxing herb to calm your mind.

Traditionally used to restore and tone the nervous system.

Herb Pharm prepares Skullcap extract from fresh (never dried) Certified Organic Scutellaria lateriflora plants grown on fields they farm in southern Oregon. The plants are harvested while in full-flower, then promptly extracted while still fresh and succulent.

All their Glycerites are made using 100% non-palm glycerin to avoid contributing to global rainforest deforestation. Instead of palm, they use Certified Organic corn glycerin. Herb Pharm assures herb identity via macroscopic and organoleptic analysis, then confirms it through methods such as HPTLC fingerprinting specific to each herb.

Skullcap flowering aerial parts (Scutellaria lateriflora)
Country of origin: USA
Certified Organic, fresh (undried)
Extraction rate 467 mg fresh herb per 0.7 ml.

Herb Menstruum Ratio 1:1.5 (Fresh)

Other Ingredients: certified organic vegetable glycerin & distilled water.

Shake Well Before Using.
Add 1 full squeeze of the dropper bulb to 2 oz. of water or juice, 2 to 5 times per day. Best taken between meals.

Alcohol Free, Certified Organic, Certified Organic Vegetable Glycerin,Gluten-Free, Herbal Identity Assured, Non-GMO, Vegan

Keep Out of the Reach of Children.
Store away from heat & light.

Store in a cool, dry place (59°F-85°F) away from direct light.  Keep out of reach of children.

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