Staying Clean and Sober (Third edition)

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Staying Clean and Sober: Complementary and Natural Strategies for Healing the Addicted Brain (Third Edition)
by Merlene Miller, MA and David Miller, PhD in collaboration with Kenneth Blum, PhD

Staying Clean and Sober offers methods for not only getting sober but staying sober with new, complementary, and natural therapies. For anyone who is addicted or trying to stay sober and for those that love them.

Perhaps you or someone you love has tried unsuccessfully once, twice or more to gain and maintain freedom from addiction.  The truth is that many addicts make as many as 50 attempts to gain sobriety, only to relapse again and again. 

Many people say that these failed attempts at sobriety result from a lack of willpower.  But this is simply not so.  Addiction is largely a disease of the brain, and the biochemical imbalances associated with it create chronic abstinence symptoms (such as confusion, anxiety, severe cravings, and depression) that often lead to relapse.  For many individuals, staying sober and free from addiction means living with severe emotional, mental, and physical pain...unless proper brain chemistry is restored.

In this book, addiction recovery experts Merlene and David Miller present many revolutionary and emerging treatment options for not only gaining sobriety, but maintaining it as well.  Inside Staying Clean and Sober you will find the following:  A discussion of how certain amino acids and other nutrients, combined with other therapies and education, can result in sustained recovery rates of 80% or more!  (In comparison, the "traditional" therapies are sobering: less than 20% actually gain and maintain their sobriety.

In a straightforward and reader-friendly style, Staying Clean and Sober offers a new understanding of addiction and ultimately hope for an addiction-free life.


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    Excellent product

    Posted by Julie Remillong on Aug 29th 2018

    I ordered synaptaGenX for my daughter , then started taking it myself. I’m AMAZED. I struggle with depression, anxiety, adhd and my own addiction issues. I feel like a new woman. Like happy and maybe normal whatever normal is. Looking forward to moving forward. Thank u SO VERY MUCH!

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    Staying Clean and Sober

    Posted by Vicki Hewett on Aug 24th 2018

    I can't say enough good things about this book! I believe every treatment center and sober living house should have it on hand for addicts in recovery, and should teach from it. It covers everything one can imagine for successful recovery, most importantly how to heal the brain so an addict in recovery can feel good again. The section that covers the various amino acids and how amino acid therapy can help with withdrawal and throughout recovery I found particularly valuable, and something every addiction professional, treatment center, sober living, and addict should know, so addicts can get through the depression, anxiety, stress, etc. while recovering, and feel good again. Thank you so much to the authors and providers of this book. I have given books to our local treatment center, to Battlefield Addiction (a non-profit for families of addicts), and a couple of mothers of addicts, and I will continue to give them away because I believe they have the key to recovery that so many people are missing.....healing the brain!